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Thom has moved. [09 Nov 2010|10:01pm]

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Thom has moved out of this apartment and for some reason  it makes me really sad I think it's because he was the last remaining Queer eye guy to still be living in the same apartment he was in when the show started and him selling his apartment kind of means that they have all moved on from the show and I don't know it's just strange to think that someone else lives in Thom's apartment. 

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[10 Sep 2010|03:18pm]


This is a picture of Jai on the set of Harry's law where he is playing Amanda Knott the show will air on NBC don't know when though. I think he looks great as woman.

Credit for this picture goes to Kyan's facebook page. 

Kyan said that Jai was channeling "Sandra Bullock just lost her man realness." haha 
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[02 Sep 2010|06:57pm]

 One of Carson's horses died :( her name was Lola  RIP Lola <3 
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[29 Aug 2010|07:45pm]


There is a new video of Jai singing his song Move in Las Vegas he was there this month and so was Kyan although I can't find any pictures of them together someone on Twitter posted a picture of them with Jai then posted one of him with Kyan I thought it was really sweet of him to go and support Jai.

Also for those who may not know this earlier this year Jai had a movie premiere for his movie Oy vey! My son is gay!! Ted,Thom and Kyan went to that Carson couldn't go because he had to work for Oprah (damn you Oprah!) but did send Jai some flowers and a note. What I found extremely sweet about the mini reunion was that Jai didn't know they were going to be there it was a surprise he said that he didn't know how much he missed them until he saw them again,they talk on the phone a lot though so that's good.

Just wanted to bring some updates to this site please people if you have any info on the guys post it they deserve to be talked about. 

Ps if that link doesn't take you anywhere just go to Youtube and type in his name it should be there.
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[26 Dec 2009|11:40am]

Just because QE is officially over (for like, 3 or 4 years ago?), it doesn't mean that the QE fandom should be lying on its grave. C'mon, guys! The Fab Five are alive and kicking! Continue to spread the love~

btw, apathy here. New to the QE lj comm, way too veteran in the fandom (funny I was just 10 yrs old back then when the show started.. The wonders of Kyan and his smile X33)

For those in the PI territory, QE is currently airing on SOLARTv (channel 9 for UHF, for those w/ cable connection refer to RPN 9's cable channel) @11:00am, mon-fri (yes, NOT tue-fri) and replays @3:00pm, same days (though I saw a replay in Saturday. Hmm.. @__@ wonder why?) now I hope the local and int'l basketball shows won't steal QE's airtime. It's recently playing season 1 eps. For those who miss the good ol' laughs, tearjerking scenes and that "LOVE" (you know what I mean. *wink*), tune in.

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Carson news! [21 Mar 2009|08:24pm]

He will be on The Bonnie Hunt show on Monday check your local listings for times and channels
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Wow [21 Jan 2009|12:42pm]

I never knew the show was back on with new guys. That's way cool, is there a website for the new fellows?
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This comm needs to not be dead :( [22 Dec 2008|08:25am]

I need to start getting paid so I can satisfy my Queer Eye fandom needs. I was wondering if any of you had any of these 3 things and what you thought.

Under hereCollapse )

And I'd love to add some of you to my FL so we can talk about how amazing this show is. No one on my friends list currently appreciates it.
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[18 Oct 2008|10:56pm]

I was watching Access Hollywood tonight and guess who was on it? Thom! It was random yet great they were talking about living green and they were talking about the new eco-friendly apartments in New York and Thom was talking about it I freaked out for like 5 minutes when I saw him haha that made my night.
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A couple of questions. [16 Oct 2008|01:39pm]

Okay, this is a two-parter:

New episodes of Queer Eye have been coming on Fine Living Network - I think the next one is on the 19th. I caught the last haf of the Butch eppie last night, checked my listings, and apparently, our boys will be a weekly thing on FLN. Great news!

Also, what happened to Tszuj-it.com? I tried going there this morning, and the site isn't there. Please tell me it's down for matinence or something. I love that site!

Thanks guys. :)
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Thom on Oprah [10 Oct 2008|09:18am]

Does anyone have Thom on Oprah?I missed it and I really want to see it.
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Kyan is back on TV! [06 Oct 2008|04:13pm]

Hes going to be on the Rachael ray show this friday click on the link for more details.

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Thom question. [04 Oct 2008|02:38am]

Did anyone catch Thom on Oprah with the baby? OMG, that slayed me! Especially when he pinched the little guy's cheeks, and he smiled.

But anyway, my question is about those old Thom/Greg C. baby rumors. I was wondering if they were still true, or were they ever true in the first place? Also, is there still Calejo hate around this place? I haven't been on in awhile, but the last time I was here there was an entire post about that issue.
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Carson is nursing a broken heart =[ [07 Aug 2008|02:30pm]


Thats the news article but Carson's ex boyfriend was classless and I hope that Carson can find someone that can treat him right.
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Ted's new show on Food Network [08 Jul 2008|01:09am]

Ted Allen has a new show on Food Network (you Canadians have FoodTV but I'm not sure if you'll get this proggie, might want to check), set to begin airing on July 29th at 9pm EDT. It's called "Food Detectives", and from what I can tell from the commercials it's Mythbusters for the foodie set.

Either way, it means more Ted on the television screen! And who doesn't love that?
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! [22 Jun 2008|11:07am]

Finally I get to announce that today is Jai's 29th birthday! Happy birthday little pumpkin I hope its a good one.
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[18 Jun 2008|11:30am]

There are going to be 3 episodes re airing on July 1st from 8:00 AM-10:AM on Bravo.

The episodes that are re-airing are Ron ben meir,Eric and Tracie and Ronnie B.
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Jai's music video!! [04 Jun 2008|05:50pm]


Its here!! The music video for broken =]  Watch and leave comments
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[28 May 2008|07:46pm]

=[ I was on the Bravo site reading the Top Chef blogs and Ted hadn't posted anything last Wednesday because he  had a death in the family on May 17th and he had been pre occupied with all of that.

I feel so sad for him...but he seems to be doing okay now but I thought that I would pass that information a long.
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New season of dress my nest [23 May 2008|08:26pm]

The third season of Thom's show Dress my nest airs May 28th
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